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The early life


I was born February 27, 1950 into a family of two children in kavete village on the slopes of Muumandu hill. At an early age before grade school we moved to Athi River (then) a trading center and the capital city for manufacturing meat and cement.


I grew up into maturity in a city that has remained an integral city in Kenya for export since the colonial days. However, the beginnings of my early life doubts had some foundation. If I was born to privileged life, I was also born to trouble. My father died during my early teenage years. I looked for older adults' as mentors that did not come easy. I learned at an early age that if I was to succeed in life I had to have good common sense and wisdom.


Solomon, the Religious


I have been a follower of Jesus Christ since I was a teenager, accepting Jesus Christ as my own personal Savior on November 30, 1965. I am a member of a Baptist church. I am firm believer in the basic Christian principles, in particular the Christian doctrine of original sin. I expect men and women to fail because by nature people usually do. I know the challenges of leadership are to understand the fallen nature of every man and to succeed in spite of it.


Solomon, the Family Man


Dr. Solomon Kimuyu is a focused task-oriented leader. He knows exactly where he wants to go with his life and persuades other people to come along with him. He has strong convictions about life and family.  He has managed to keep his wife and children on his team by keeping a zealous fervor and having them take an active part.  This should be the desire of every family man, for no man can claim to be successful when his family is not supportive of him. (Insert from Leadership)


Solomon, the Entrepreneur


I learned how to trade and made money by selling fish I caught from a nearby river. It was a very risky business for a teenager to fish on an African river. Hungry crocodiles would often have one of the local children for their weekly meal. Somehow I managed to survive that ordeal in spite of my many fishing expeditions. The Lord was looking out for me even back then. After a day’s catch I sold my fish in my neighborhood door to door. I bought shoes and other incidentals from my fish sales. And of course the best thing is I hadn’t been eaten.

When I graduated from grammar school I moved on to high school. I started a new business of selling the extra food I had for lunch to the other boys at the school. By the week's end, the boys would be lined up to pay what they owed me. Looking back on it, it was funny that you could make a business out of something so simple.


After graduation I moved with my entrepreneur spirit to a Baptist Seminary at Arusha, a small rural town located at the foot of Mt. Meru, Tanzania, East Africa. Every seminarian was allocated a quarter of an acre to grow vegetables for our upkeep. I rented my portion of the land to the highest bidder during the entire time of my seminary years. I worked hard. I bought my first butane cook top. I also bought my first used car -- a Volkswagen beetle.


Years later we moved to North America for my postgraduate education and with our quiver full of a family of five, I had to think business. Sometimes I made bad business decisions for which I paid high price. In most cases I made good business decisions which resulted to God’s blessings and prosperity.


Solomon, the Author


I wish I had personal records of my ancestors who left us only with fragments of some oral traditions -- mostly about how they conducted their barter business. I have since written book on leadership that tells my personal experience doing business in America.



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